The Charter of 15 environmentally responsible commitments

January 01, 2022 | The Amundi Evian Championship


As we begin 2022, The Amundi Evian Championship is proud to announce it is a signatory of the “Charter of 15 environmentally responsible commitments for event organizers and venue operators to be achieved by 2024”. The women’s major golf championship held each year at the Evian Resort Golf Club thus joins the group of leading French events (Roland Garros, the Tour de France...) to have signed this agreement.

To ensure that the commitment can be made by all and guarantee that the work carried out is effective and efficient, the signatories have agreed on two principles:

The charter of 15 commitments is a collective tool that standardizes everyone’s environmental and social ambitions.  Its strength lies in a collective commitment to reach its goals. Each signatory is therefore aware of the fact that its non-compliance of the commitments destroys the credibility of the charter and thus the efforts made by other signatories;

It is mandatory that the signature of this charter be made as part of a global strategy to reduce environmental impact and phase out the use of fossil fuels. Therefore, a company or association cannot be part of the initiative if its core business is contradictory to the charter’s aims.

These 15 commitments are set out in several points and are integrated into events via clear, well-defined and transparent goals : 




  • COMMITMENT 1  Sustainable food : 80% of food is sustainable
  • COMMITMENT 2 Sustainable mobility : 90% of travel is sustainable mobility &  Stop 95% of plane travel for journeys that can be made in under 5 hours door to door via other means of transport
  • COMMITMENT 3 Reduce waste : 90% reduction of putting single-use plastic into circulation
  • COMMITMENT 4 Natural sites, green spaces and biodiversity : Preserve 100% of the natural sites and green spaces & 1 action plan for biodiversity and educating about the environment
  • COMMITMENT 5 Preservation of water and energy resources & 100% of energy and water consumption is controlled and optimised


    • COMMITMENT 6 Sustainable purchasing : 1 operational sustainable purchasing policy for all strategic buying categories
    • COMMITMENT 7 Sponsorship : 80% of sponsors are involved in reaching the charter’s aims
    • COMMITMENT 8 Digital footprint : 1 analysis or report of the current situation carried out


      • COMMITMENT 9 Contribute to a more inclusive society : 1 action plan that contributes to building a more inclusive society
      • COMMITMENT 10 Promote gender equality : 1 action plan that aims to reduce gender inequality
      • COMMITMENT 11 Accessibility for persons with disabilities : 1 action plan specifically for persons with disabilities
      • COMMITMENT 12 Good cause : (At least) 1 commitment to a good cause


        • COMMITMENT 13 Responsible management of volunteers : 1 action plan specifically for managing volunteers responsibly
        • COMMITMENT 14 In-house actions to make the event environmentally responsible (At least) 1 initiative relating to the challenges of environmentally responsible events involving all those concerned in-house
        • COMMITMENT 15 Educating about sustainable development : 1 education programme on sustainable development

          Find details of the Department of Sports’ charter of 15 environmentally responsible commitments for event organisers and venue operators along with the full list of signatories at this address: click here.

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